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They stopped singing before rain started,

Many seasons later, the song still plays in loop.

In silence, unheard.


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Misty winter morning,
Wiping off laze to wake up;
Tinkle of a single ankletĀ !

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Rose Pendant

The red rose pendant,

In autumn breeze looking down at your heart –

Reminds not the end but the start.

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Autumn Cloud

Perplexed, lost in it’s journey,

Lonely autumn cloud.

You are at wrong place seeking help.

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Work in Summer

Work in Summer


Little gray summer bird,
sings and flies, sings and flies.
Back to my work.

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Trapped Kite

Spring breeze blows away the last leaf,
The lost kite dangling among the naked branches;
Still captive.

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2014-10-26 12.14.52

Once again I come back to

The memories of moist lips and darting black eyes

Return of the autumn blues


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