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“I am Horus; the Falcon who is on the battlements of the mansion of him whose name is hidden. My flight aloft has reached the horizon, I have over passed the gods of the sky...” “I am the lord of light, my eyes are the sun and the moon. At the dawn of time I flew upward with the sun and fought against Seth as an enemy of light. And thus I ended Chaos to restore Order.” "Know, oh human being, that the whole space is arranged, because just through order you are one with all." “Ye shall not hold captive my soul. Ye shall not keep in durance my shadow. The way is open to my soul and to my shadow.” "Know, the gate to the life leads through the death, but not as you know the death, but by a death who is the life, the fire and the light." I am also the wandering clouds, bearer of rain. I am the Eternal Romantic; I am the Child King – who play in the puddle; I am the Mischief Monger, I am the contradiction – with Eagle Eyes !

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