Spring Sun

Golden Rays

The Sun is burning again

Clearing traces of early spring mist.

There is still layers of ice between us!



Cloudless moon

Someone please tell the moon to go away tonight,

Its looks too lonely,

In the cloudless sky!


Under the falling light of rising autumn sun,

Her amused eyes echoed disbelief,

As I told her how droplets of dew envies her looks.

A decade later,

She is still discovering herself,

And others, her beauty!


The wild horse bolts again-
Looking at world upside down,
Ignoring the worlds frown,
Any wish to tame goes in vain-
The wild horse bolts again!

Winter Morning : Haiku


Misty winter morning,
Wiping off laze to wake up;
Tinkle of a single anklet !

Red Rose Pendant

Rose Pendant

The red rose pendant,

In autumn breeze looking down at your heart –

Reminds not the end but the start.

Autumn Cloud

Autumn Cloud

Perplexed, lost in it’s journey,

Lonely autumn cloud.

You are at wrong place seeking help.

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